We are waiting for our kind/deeply honoured guests with nine nicely designed/furnished, air-conditioned, spacious apartments, where we can accommodate from two people to four people. The comfort of our guests is provided by the wealthy facilities of the apartments, such as a kitchenette equipped with a hob, dishes and cutleries are provided, a television, a microwave and a fridge as well. Our bathrooms have been built- in shower, which is equipped with exhauster.

All of our rooms are ideal for our guests. So, they can find what they would like to get, according to their needs. Our guests have a great possibility to choose a type of homelike styled rooms from the size of 30m 2 to 60m 2 - We also have rooms for arranging (different kind of) negotiates - within several air-conditioned apartments.

Conference room

40 people can be conveniently accommodated in our conference room, which is covered by natural lights. This room is furnished according to the latest technology, such as wide screen for using to projectors, a flipchart and/with broadband WIFI internet connection.

As for our business partners, we provide a bit more homely and spacious apartments, including a number of bigger sized beds.

Prices of the rooms


01.01.2018. – 05.31
09.01.2018 – 12-28.

Single room<
9 800 Ft
38 EUR
Double room
13 400 Ft
48 EUR
Triple room
16 200 Ft
58 EUR
Four bedded room
17 800Ft
62 EUR
2 500 Ft
10 EUR

Main season

06.01.2018 – 08.31

Single room
10 800 Ft
40 EUR
Double room
14 400 Ft
50 EUR
Triple room
17 200 Ft
60 EUR
Four bedded room
18 800Ft
64 EUR
3 000 Ft
12 EUR

Using our deep parking garage as well as the usage of our wifi internet access in the whole territory of the hotel are included in the price

The amount of the tourist tax is to be paid separately.

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